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Who am I?

A manifesting boss babe and international life coach for entrepreneurs. I help solopreneurs and small business owners create, manifest and live a life they love while pursuing their business adventures. 

I am a three time published book author and have written for Huff Post, The Seattle Times, Life By Design Entrepreurial Lifestyle Magazine, RedTricycle, The Swaddle by Mic, Suburban Misfit Mom and other publications. I am also an inspirational and motivational speaker who keeps it real and touches the hearts and soul of my audiences. 

So what’s my story? 

The Readers Digest version is I am a proud mother to two grown men and an elementary aged daughter. I have been an entrepreneur for over two decades, who several years ago sold a business to become a life and business coach because I didn’t see myself aging in life in my salon giving facials and waxing bikini lines (to which I have been heard referring to as “rubbing faces and waxing cracks”). And if that offended you, we might not understand one another. In the beauty industry, I felt like an unlicensed, underpaid therapist hearing more than a few times “I wanna be like you” so the obvious solution was to become a coach and ditch the spa.


What qualifies me to understand and

help you.

The short answer, my life journey. And my certification as a coach and continued training over a decade mastering life changing modalities and methods as well as building multiple successful businesses.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades while also raising three children as a single parent. I know how to get things done, keep the balls in the air and create systems and strategies that will optimize your businesses growth and client attraction. Your brand message matters.

I am a published author and content writer for websites, magazines, books and newspapers. My clients and subjects have seen increases in their sign ups, sales and retention based upon the content, connection and customer care systems we have created.

The scariest thing as a new entrepreneur is spending more money on your business when you are just starting out. I get it. I was scared too. But the moment I began delegating duties and hiring people to do for me that which I was not an expert at or didn't enjoy doing, everything changed. My life was more fun because my stress level was reduced and I could be better in every area of my life.

I get things done. Plain and simple. I will hound you if I have to in order to complete a job. I don't leave things unfinished. You are in business to make money. I won't be the reason you are not. I deliver, I answer phone calls and texts and we agree on the deadlines. We both meet them. 

As a coach, I also help you with your mindset when you get scared. When you get a bad review. When you have a failure. I help you reprogram your brain so those things don't suck the positive energy from you and you learn how to quickly let it go!

Don’t take my word for for who I am though, although my word is as good as gold, check out what my clients have said on the testimonials page  if you haven’t already.

You matter to me. I care deeply about you and your future. Let's get you and your business moving forward, growing and you in love with your life on every platform.