VISIONS AND VINO! 'Picture It Your Way' Vision Board Workshop

VISIONS AND VINO! 'Picture It Your Way' Vision Board Workshop


Vision and Vino! "Picture It Your Way" Vison Board Workshop for you and your friends. $325 for 5 people (minimum).  Each additional person $65

Three hour workshop at your location, two intentional action vision board experts will guide you and your friends through the process that has led to bliss, joy and lives at the beach as single moms of daughters.

WE bring everything needed including the vino to your home, office or clubhouse! You provide the location and we do the rest.

We do offer corporate events, please inquire.



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What is all of this manifest, co-create and envision stuff anyway?

To answer the question simply it is a process I have used to attract amazing things into my life and you can too. It’s not rocket science and it’s not some weird woo woo stuff. It’s getting clear with how you want you your life to be, believing it is possible, doing some work to keep it on your radar, and trusting that with intentional action, like me, you can be living a life you love!

Yes, there are a variety of “manifesting” and vision board workshops out there. Each one has their own flavor, their own process and their own levels of success.

Mine method is a little different. I am going to be sharing with you how I have manifested multiple homes to my exact specifications in record time. My dream man almost (and why it’s important to be specific). Money.  Ideal clients. A luxury car exactly with all of the details I asked for.  Lots of amazing and wild things that have led me to happiness, joy and a life that I am grateful for every morning.

I will share with you exactly how I have done it and continue to attract everything I desire so I can make a positive impact on the world while providing everything my daughter needs and wants as a single, self employed entrepreneur. I am in control of my schedule and our future.