three hour guided vision board creation and your road map to bliss workshop with your friends

are you ready to manifest and co-create a life you love?

we've got you!   dream, do, believe, go!


We are Chris Kelly and Tendayi Gentile, Intentional Action coaches and a Manifesting Boss Babes! We have created this three hour workshop to teach you EXACTLY how we have manifested everything from houses to money to love but most importantly A DREAM LIFE for our daughters. 

We cover EVERYTHING we have done to set you up for a successful, blissful and abundant life!

What is all of this manifest, co-create and envision stuff anyway?
To answer the question simply it is a process I have used to attract amazing things into my life and you can too. It’s not rocket science and it’s not some weird woo woo stuff. It’s getting clear with how you want you your life to be, believing it is possible, doing some work to keep it on your radar, and trusting that with intentional action, like me, you can be living a life you love!
— Chris Kelly

Here is what you will get at this workshop:

Three hours of hands on guidance and learning with a manifesting expert and vision board extraordinaire!      Picture It Your Way™ Vision Board Party is a hands-on interactive creative workshop where you will be lead through the processes of creating a visually inspiring art piece that engages your senses and helps you create a strategic intentional action plan supported by your mindset and belief. Participants will leave with a mindset shift, a tangible clear picture; visually and in writing of their dream life. They will be empowered with tools and tips to support their dreams, overcome self limiting beliefs and obstacles so they can make breakthroughs and attract a life they love.

You will leave with your very own empowering vision board and you will know:

Why it’s necessary and how to get super clear with your dreams, desires and goals

How a vision board supports your dreams and actions

What needs to happen to have your vision board become your reality

You will know what to do with your vision board and the next steps to take to support the manifesting process. There is research to support that people who have clear vision and support that with belief and intentional action are much more likely to realize their desired visions and goals than people who just think about it. Together we begin being about it! 

You have the option of sipping up to two glasses of vino while you are creating.                                                    This is about having fun, girl time or guy time, talking, creating and supporting each others desired

all for only $65.00 per person  five person minimum

Yes, there are a variety of “manifesting” workshops out there. Each one has their own flavor, their own process and their own levels of success.

Our method is a little different. We are going to be sharing with you how we have manifested multiple homes to exact specifications in record time. A dream man almost (and why it’s important to be specific). Money. Ideal clients. A luxury car exactly with all of the details asked for.  A piano and private voice coach for my daughter. Lots of amazing and wild things that have led me to happiness, joy and a life living at the beach in beautiful Coronado, California.


"My path as a mother, entrepreneur

and certified coach has been paved so

I am able to guide and teach others how to

  manifest the unimaginable and live a life

they love!"

— Chris Kelly

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Only $65.00 person     (min 5 people for workshop)

the choice is yours.    yes, changes everything. enroll now


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