“Self Love Starts Here” Membership Online Weekly Coaching Group

To sum this up in a word, this membership is nothing short of


With this super affordable monthly membership you will get bite sized, easy to understand, easy to implement step by step guidance & coaching which includes everything I have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning over the past 11 years as a certified and trained personal development life, mindset & success coach. The same lessons and tools that took me from being broke, broken and bitter six weeks from homeless with a toddler to living a life of freedom, happiness, peace, fun and joy in my happy place watching my daughter have the childhood I never had or dreamed possible.

Why am I offering all of this

for such an affordable price?


I want to help as many people as possible overcome whatever is holding them back, keeping them stuck, scared, sad, fearful, hopeless, lost or simply not living their best life! I want to help you activate your within!

This is a no-brainer! a vehicle for change!

you are a woman of worth! I am so excited for you!

For only $39 billed monthly you get everything below & you can cancel easily at any time if you decide you are more comfortable not moving forward. I hold no hostages! Everything I will share I have used with clients and I practice myself as an independent parent raising a daughter with no help. The struggle is real! I have walked in many shoes. I was stuck myself, even as a coach, for a long time until I decided to take control of what I can control. Loving myself first.

Every week I will deliver something valuable, new, fresh, different and powerful. You won’t want to miss any of it and because it will be archived for members on this website you won’t. You will have access on the website to go back and review, rewatch and brush up on anything I teach on as long as you remain a member.

This will be the most comprehensive, affordable and fun empowerment, self love, personal growth, mindset reset, dream building, manifesting, stress releasing, better version of you coaching and training you will ever see at a price of less than $1.30 per day!

This is founding member pricing of $39 monthly is only through 2/28/19 and then the price goes up so now is the time to click below and say yes to you! As long as you remain a member your introductory pricing is locked in! Now is the time to give yourself some love you deserve!

Some of the topics I will cover (in no particular order): letting go; mindset reset; tapping away stress aka EFT/Emotion Freedom Technique; self worth, manifesting, what-if-itis; the itty bitty sh*tty committee in our brain; self-sabotage; boundaries; expectations; forgiveness; recovery from heartbreak; getting up after failure; chaos & clutter; self-hypnosis; meditation; exercise; f*ck the how; finding & embracing your real why; making & breaking habits; regaining trust; patience & process; focus; fun; affirmations; paying attention to signs; managing anxiety and so much more…

This is for you if you have ever experienced anything that has you left you feeling like you are not good enough, not happy, frustrated, exhausted, ready to quit, unsure, scared, hopeless, not pretty, stuck, heartbroken, lonely, like it will always be this way… nope!

Not if you DECIDE it won’t

Below is what you can expect you each week with your membership…


Weekly Coaching Topic live on FB (recorded and archived; Forever Access as long as you are a member)

I will be host a FB Live Class once weekly delivering & teaching everything from forgiveness, manifesting, overcoming self-sabotage and teaching tools like EFT, self-hypnosis and meditation along with giving you easy actionable steps to support each weeks topic. Each week the last lesson will be uploaded to the “Self Love Starts Here” membership library where it will remain forever.


Your Vibe Tribe Community & Support AND Weekly Q & A session with Me

You will be part of a tribe of others to connect & link arms with for support. You will be able to engage with others who are stepping up their game to a higher vibe of self love. You can chat with one another and lift each other up because #whenwomenrise! I will be checking on the page daily, answering questions, interacting & posting cool stuff to help keep you on your path to your best self living your dream life. I will also be doing a weekly FB Live Q & A session (in addition to the class) which you can come back to anytime and listen in on.


Weekly Topic Actionable Step

No one likes the feeling of “now what?!” You can rest assured with each weekly FB live training, teaching, coaching session I will leave you with an actionable step that you can implement to help you take that baby step or quantum leap toward falling in love with every bit of yourself! These actionable items will be easy. This is not meant to overwhelm you but to support your process and progress. No one wants to or has time to have more piled on. I get it! Every little thing is really a big deal. It all adds up!

““I started working with Chris shortly after a relocation and a life-reset. She was instrumental in guiding me through the process of releasing the past and focusing on the future. Her structure, guidance, accountability, and support was exactly what I needed to rebuild a strong foundation. Thank you Chris for pointing me in the right direction!”
— Keli A.