Tomorrow is NOT Promised. Your Dream Life is Waiting on YOU!

Is it about time for some SELF LOVE, SELF WORTH & SELF VALUE?


Do you WISH you could RECLAIM your DREAMS?

Are you ready to EVOLVE? 

You DESERVE a life you LOVE!

What are your daydreams?

Is it "Your Person"? An upgrade in your lifestyle? Increased financial abundance? Time freedom? Luxury vacations? A different career? Respect? Appreciation? All of the above? Or ??? 

I help women, like you, who are ready to manifest and co-create the life of their dreams but aren't sure how to do it! Women who are ready for badass breakthroughs Releasing the self sabotaging thoughts and habits that are bringing you down. Women LIKE YOU who Are Ready to do this! 

I am a self sabotage conquering & mindset coach. I have co-created everything in life I desire and I am here to help you do the same!


Hi! It's me, Chris Kelly. I am so grateful you stopped by! Hopefully you being here means you are seriously ready to step into a life that up until now you have only dreamed of living. I am passionate about coaching and teaching women how to co-create their desires, step into a life they love, attract whatever they want into their lives, dismiss the "shitty committee" between their ears, forgive and let go and most importantly love and trust themselves.

“Chris Kelly’s coaching is honestly beyond words. She is fierce yet graceful and has the most diplomatic, tough-love I have ever encountered. She has been in the trenches and dug her way out and she will leave no woman behind! Chris has come alongside me like an angel on a divine assignment. She is down-to-earth yet metaphysically empathetic. I feel safe and comfortable connecting with Chris. Her presence and guidance have been such a catalyst in my life. For her just being her true and best self, has been such a life-changing blessing to me.
She is indeed a divine connection.”
— --Holly M. Retired teacher, Domestic Violence Advocate, RN Student & independent special needs parent

My Story

I have been homeless, I’ve lived a million dollar lifestyle. I have been abused, I have hidden from from pain, I have overcome and have had breakthroughs. I have walked in many shoes…

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Helping You

Your future depends on you, in life and business. I have helped hundreds of women find true happiness, self worth and begin living dream lives both in their person and professional lives!  

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I’m a Speaker

If you are seeking an inspirational and or educational speaker to empower your team from Girl Scouts, to a corporate staff; I can help. I do workshops, keynotes and customized talks.

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Why It Matters

If you are overwhelmed your life and future will suffer. I found when I had chaotic energy swirling in my mind, my life and my environment I could not be the coach or inspiration I am meant to be. I had to resign as ringmaster of the circus so I could show up for you as my best self. Your future and happiness require the same.


"My path as a mother, entrepreneur

and certified coach has been paved so

I can guide and teach others how to

release their painful past, evolve into

their best self and manifest the


— Chris Kelly


Read how I have helped women

Helping people change their lives and step into their brilliance is what makes my heart sing. Don't take my word for it, read what they have to say.


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