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Who is Chris Kelly?

Writing stories, not making up stories, but interviewing people and sharing their accomplishments, their victories, their soul. That is life. Doing research to reveal truths on journalistic stories, that is life.

I have been a writer my entire life, and entrepreneur for a couple of decades and a certified coach for a dozen.

I am a three time published book author in the genres of non-fiction, poetry & a childrens’ empowerment book. I have been paid to write for the Huff Post, ApartmentTherapy, Coronado Times and have been featured in the Seattle Times, Life By Design Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine, RedTricycle, The Swaddle by Mic, Suburban Misfit Mom, The Tribe magazine and more.

I have been editor in chief of a magazine, Coronado Homes & Lifestyle. I have mentored clients pursuing advanced degrees turn failing papers into perfect scores. I have assisted clients with content and directional editing.

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What qualifies me to help you?

As a homework/essay tutor I turn F’s into A’s

As a journalist my work has been shared collectively over 100,000 times because it’s impactful and people connect to it.

I connect with audiences authentically not like a cookie cutter.

I proudly over-deliver as a writer and mentor.

My clients get their books completed and published.

I have done what I teach; I walk the talk.

In a nutshell, my life journey. From a dream to reality as a professional, paid writer and journalist.