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Who am I?

I am an international personal development coach & life guide for professionals who struggle managing life outside of work.

I have been a certified coach for over a decade helping professional women step into their brilliance.

I am a three time published book author and have written for Huff Post, The Seattle Times, Life By Design Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine, RedTricycle, The Swaddle by Mic, Suburban Misfit Mom and other publications. I am also an inspirational and motivational speaker who keeps it real and touches the hearts and soul of my audiences. 

So what’s my story? 

The Readers Digest version is I am a proud mother to two grown men and an elementary aged daughter. I have been an entrepreneur for over two decades, who several years ago sold my full service salon & day spa to become a life coach because I felt like an unlicensed, underpaid therapist hearing more than a few times “I wanna be like you” so the obvious solution was to take action to help women do just that and ditch the spa. My mission is to help amany women as possible up level in life. I thrive on coaching women break through self limiting barriers! I love teaching how to release limiting beliefs and worn out stories that keep happiness an arms length away. Life is short to not enjoy the ride!


What qualifies me to help you?

The short answer, my life journey. As well as a several coaching certifications and a degree in psychology. I’ve spent over a decade mastering life changing modalities and methods to match solutions with clients.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades while also raising three children as a single parent. I know how to get things done, keep the balls in the air and help other women learn how to reclaim their dreams, happiness and brilliance with love. 

My clients have experienced breakthroughs in life and business. Clients who were stuck, scared, lacked self worth and self love are now embracing new experiences and new dreams while living with gratitude and joy. 

As a coach, I also help you with your mindset when you get scared. Standing by your side you have a failure, reminding you this does not define you. I help you reprogram your brain so those things don't suck the positive energy from you. You will learn how to quickly let it go and shut down the stinking thinking before the itty bitty shitty committee in your brain overcomes you and sends you down the dark rabbit hole.

Don’t take my word for for who I am though, although my word is as good as gold, check out what my clints have said on the testimonials page  if you haven’t already.

You matter to me. I care deeply about you and your future. Let's get you  moving forward, growing and you in love with your life in every area! Emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.