Dear Friends,

A client once said I was a voice of certainty in uncertain times. At this moment, this is what I am certain of, I am certain that if we as a human race and as Americans don't lose the hate we will all perish rapidly. While we may not die in the flesh, we will disintegrate within our soul.

I have received a hateful text message by someone questioning my Christianity. I have received a facebook message questioning my Christianity and my authenticity of love. I have been called a liar and a bigot in response to my sharing that I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a Christian and mother to a biracial child. This was in response to my request for sensitivity. This came from a woman, mother, former business associate and a Christian.

I have also received over 50K likes, 5K shares and over the top engagement on an article published by The Huffington Post after the election. Some positive feedback and some very negative backlash. I am not hurt by the negative words. I am not driven by the positive feedback. 

I am driven to engage people in conversation. I am driven to expose true feelings and if those feelings are hateful and evil I am driven to shine the light ever so brightly on that behavior. Why? Because too many people are living in a belief that if their actions are not witnessed, if the hate graffiti is covered, it did not happen. If it's not on video, it did not happen. For those who chose hate over love prepare to be exposed.

Friends and strangers, parents and grandparents are scared. I get this, my sons are Jewish. My daughters father is African American. My daughter obviously bi-racial and a girl. Scared is not in a place of power. Scared is where the bullies are winning. I do not support violence or hate from anyone. I do endorse and support speaking your voice. Aligning your beliefs with your actions to empower our communities, our cities, our states and our country but mostly OUR CHILDREN.

I am grateful that I woke up this morning even in light of unfortunate ongoings. I am grateful because waking up means I have the ability to take action that will lead to the empowerment of good and love. 

My ask of you: Will you join me in taking action to stand up against hate? Will you join me bringing in light to darkness? Will you join me in saying the things others are afraid to say? Will you join me in being the change the world needs?

What's next? In whatever way you can let your voice be heard, do that. Do not sit in silence.

If you do not stand for the violence, hate and behaviors coming from so many Americans which is creating fear amongst our people of all colors, genders, religions and races then let your voice be heard. Show the people who may not look at your opinion favorably that you will be the voice that they are afraid to be. 

I pray for a safe country for my children, your children, your family, my family and our friends. It starts with one voice, I am that voice. Please be the next voice beside me.

Thank you to the Veterans who have and are serving this country. And to the sacrifices of their families. 

Thank you all for joining me in empowering voices.

Here's to a safe future for everyone.
Much love,





I'm The Mom In The Car