Every woman has a story about their Mom. Many have wonderful, heartwarming, loving stories and for others the stories are quite different. Was your Mom the princess or the dragon? And if you are a Mom or will become a mom, which will you be?

For many, including myself, they wish they had a different story, a different memory. They wish she had been different kind of mother. Their story instead of love is a reminder of pain. They wish this ever so important role model had been different kind of Mom. Sometimes it’s really big stuff and sometimes it’s not so big. A common theme is pain around a relationship with their mother.

The reason the pain is important to recognize is not to shame or blame our mothers but to acknowledge that the lessons, models and stories we have from our childhood really do impact our lives as adults.

Acknowledging and releasing the negative impact gives us the opportunity to be different. To  forgive and to move on. To be a different mom. To embrace all that was good (even if it was just the mere fact that she gave you life) and to let go of that which was not.

By doing this you begin the journey of improving the future. Your future. Your children’s future.

To release the shame. To release the judgement. To release the need to prove.

This is where the power lies.


Letting go.

A first step to self-acceptance, self-love, self-worth and most importantly your brilliance as a human, a woman, a friend and if it is your case, a mother.

Loving and modeling in a different way.

A way that will give you back your power or serve you to find it for the first time.

It’s within you waiting to come forth.

You are a daughter, mother or not.

You are a daughter.

You are an exceptional daughter.

Become empowered.

Start now.




Become the queen your princess or prince deserves. Don't be a dragon.