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what i speak on

I am an inspirational speaker and a teacher. My subject matters range from overcoming adversity as a female and single mother entrepreneur to encouraging self love and self worth. Impressing the importance of both and how to breakthrough these disabling mindset monkeys. 

I also speak and educate on cultural sensitivities. What they are. What they look like. And the importance of understanding of the issues to improve

who my audiences are

My audiences range from elementary schools to corporations. I speak to inspire and empower as well as educate. Whether it is a group of young people or an auditorium of corporate executives, HR people or your team. I will provide valuable and engaging content which will have a lasting impact.

hands on workshops

In addition to being a keynote or guest speaker, I also am available to conduct hands on workshops where we gather and have fun creating "Picture It My Way" boards and go through the processes I use to have created a life I love with intentional action steps. It's a fun way to inspire dreams and release limiting beliefs. This is a great thing for team building, dream building, moms groups, moms and kids and ladies nights out. Imagine a "paint night" with different tools where dreams are being created to come true.