Swift Shift Self Love Mastery Six Week Self Guided Course

Swift Shift Self Love Mastery Six Week Self Guided Course


Cart is open until midnight 3/10/19. If you enroll before 2/28/19 you will receive a 50 minute one on one coaching session to help jumpstart your journey (Value $350) You will also be enrolled in the ongoing Self Love Starts Here Weekly Mentoring Membership group and library for one year. (Value $588). Your total investment of $597 is worth over $1500. If you enroll by 2/28/19. Limited space available for this special due to one on one coaching offer.

Course begins on 3/15/19.

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This will be a packed six weeks of self love content delivered weekly. They will be a combination of slides, videos and worksheets.

Week One: What’s your story? Where are you emotionally? Financially? Spiritually? What is keeping you from living your best life? What are your self sabotaging behaviors? Bad habits? What would you like your life to look like? (meditation techniques and affirmations to love on yourself enter here)

Week Two: The blame game. The Shame game. The Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee in your Brain. Personal responsibility and the mind monkeys. Dear Self Sabotage, it’s time for you to go! Habits… creating good ones and releasing bad ones. (EFT and self hypnosis demonstrated and explained)

Week Three: Forgiveness…of self and others. Power vs. Powerlessness, yours. Personal Inventory. Letting go. Releasing. Eradicating regret. Unf*cking yourself.

Week Four: Boundaries. Expectations. Clearing chaos and clutter in your environment, relationships and life. (Feng shui tips.)

Week Five: Mindset Reset. Intentional action. Goals and vision. Setting yourself up for success and accomplishment. Accountability and progress tracking. Manifesting, vision boarding and law of attraction. Activating your within.

Week Six: Authentically showing up as yourself with confidence, courage and self worth. Honoring yourself. Celebrating victories. Stepping into your brilliance.