Among countless other positives, Chris Kelly has been labeled “a voice of uncertainty in an uncertain world,” in many iterations, by many of her peers. Of the things she is certain, one is pain ringing through the country, and the world at large. There exist many, in particular women, girls and people of color, faith and unique identity, who need a voice and direction. Chris is here to help empower you, guide you and stand at your back whilst you work towards your goals.

Chris is a social visionary, a personal guide, and a friendly helper. She aims to empower, inspire and ignite a fire within, that will help you create a flame that will burn through storms. Find your voice, define your mission(s), recognize what is important in your life, put the pieces together, and move forward. Together. 

In addition to being an effective life coach and mentor, Ms. Kelly is a successful author, writer and speaker. Using her gifts of communication, Chris reaches countless minds with a uniquely emotive and powerful prose that rings with authenticity and informativeness

Her writing has been featured prominently with The Huffington Post, Red Tricycle, Suburban Misfit Mom, The Swaddle by .Mic, Swirl Nation Blog, and more, in addition to her two books, On Your Own: 101 and You are Loved and Not Alone.


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