There's a crystal for that!

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if you get frustrated like i did wasting time trying to find which crystal is for what, then this guide will help you!

a three module resource guide for which crystals will help you overcome obstacles in your business and subsequently in your life

it's easy to navigate and filled with exactly the crystals as solutions you need to over 30 business bumps and blocks!

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I am Chris Kelly. An intentional action coach and a Manifesting Boss Babe! I have created this online four week course to teach you EXACTLY how I have manifested everything from houses to money to love but most importantly A DREAM LIFE for my daughter and I.

I cover EVERYTHING I have done in these four weeks to set you up for a 2018 successful, blissful and abundant year!

What is all of this crystal stuff anyway?

If you are here, it’s most likely that you are somewhat familiar with crystals, even if it’s simply you know what they are.

For me, they are not something I worship. It’s not witchcraft even if it seems a bit woo-woo. They are energy conduits. They are part of the earths DNA. They are something I use just as I would use oils in my diffuser and
— Chris Kelly

Here is what you will receive with this course:

Three Modules broken down in easy to follow, see, hear and read format available all at the same time upon purchase.

Private Facebook Group where you will be able to interact with me and others! I will answer your questions.

Below is a brief breakdown of what you will learn in each module inthe form of slides, videos, PDFs and audio. I want you to learn; the most effective way you learn.

Module ONE: My story of how and why I began using crystals and the evidence that truly made me a believer. This is the module where you will learn how to care for, cleanse, store, some ways to use your crystals and where/how you can purchase your crystals.

Module TWO: How to prepare your mindset to be in the attraction and manifesting groove. Daily Practices to exercise your mindset and increase your attractability. Exact steps to get crystal clear with your desires and visions in such a way that there is no mistaking when they show up that you manifested and attracted them. You will learn how to begin trusting more is on the way and be open to receiving.

Module THREE: Adjusting your Environment (Feng Shui for Flow); basic yet very important adjustments you need to make in your home or office (your environment) to insure flow. Directions for what needs to moved or removed to create your perfect peaceful and productive space. Creating a real, working, powerful Vision Board (Picture It Your Way), I will share examples of the pieces of art that attracts and how they came to be; along with the hows and whats which have helped me draw in and realize my visions and dreams. And the last piece... my secret sauce and exactly how I use this important key step! It will be revealed so you have all of the puzzle pieces so you can implement it into your success.

Module FOUR: Putting it all together, staying focused and on track to realize your desires and dreams! I will show you how to create the roadmap you need for your specific desires so you are able to take actionable steps toward your goals, visions and dreams and step into your bliss and success. You will learn how to use the Intentional Action Tools from my Intentional Action Toolkit to achieve your dreams. This IS the bow on the top of your package.

I am no nonsense. Not very woo-woo. Get stuff done and I love results. I am not messing around here. I want you to have all of the amazing feels in life that I do. I know it is possible if you say yes to you!

So if YOU are ready, click on the box below that says "She Designed A Life She Loved" and get enrolled. Cart closes on 11/30/17 at 9pm PST with the course starting on December 1, 2017!

all for only $94.00!

Yes, there are a variety of “manifesting” courses out there. Each one has their own flavor, their own process and their own levels of success.

My method is a little different. I am going to be sharing with you how I have manifested multiple homes to my exact specifications in record time. My dream man almost (and why it’s important to be specific). Money. Ideal clients. A luxury car exactly with all of the details I asked for.  A piano and private voice coach for my daughter. Lots of amazing and wild things that have led me to happiness, joy and a life that I am grateful for every morning living at the beach in beautiful Coronado, California.

This is a Four Week course can be started at anytime. If you are ready to begin "Picturing it your Way" then let's get started.

With each module you will receive a video training, pdf files of the slides and worksheets so you can follow along and stay on track. You will also be part of private Facebook group where you will have my support, the ability to ask questions during lives which I will do once per week throughout the course and you will be able to share your victories with others going through the course. Sharing your vibe with our tribe!


"My path as a mother, entrepreneur

and certified coach has been paved so

I am able to guide and teach others how to

  manifest the unimaginable and live a life

they love!"

— Chris Kelly

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Only $94.00

the choice is yours.    yes, changes everything. enroll now


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