“Chris Kelly’s coaching is honestly beyond words. She is fierce yet graceful and has the most diplomatic, tough-love I have ever encountered. She has been in the trenches and dug her way out and she will leave no woman behind! Chris has come alongside me like an angel on a divine assignment. She is down-to-earth yet metaphysically empathetic. I feel safe and comfortable connecting with Chris. Her presence and guidance have been such a catalyst in my life. For her just being her true and best self, has been such a life-changing blessing to me.
She is indeed a divine connection.”
— --Holly M. Retired teacher, Domestic Violence Advocate, RN Student & independent special needs parent




“Chris Kelly’s authentic, giving heart has helped lead me back to my personal truth. After speaking with Chris I have learned to shift my energy and have begun attracting things I had previously been blocking energetically. I am so grateful for her; she is such a light.”

Megan W. entrepreneur & mom


“She is clear, direct, and motivating. She hears what you say & what you don’t say to find the way to what you need. Emotionally, practically and spiritually. Chris Kelly is one of the best things to ever happen to me.” 

Julie T. realtor, mom & grandmother


“Chris is everything you need in a coach…she is your advocate, your accountability partner, your cheerleader…she helps you emerge as your best self, in spite of yourself at times. Working with Chris is an awesome journey” 

Tina P. sales,coach,& mom



“Where others are not consistent Chris excels. If you know Chris or you think you might want to know her, she is a great leader, coach, and is the voice of certainty in an uncertain world. It’s easy to follow if someone goes before you to assure your footing or with you to make the journey shorter.”

–Traci C. entrepreneur & mom

lotus 1.jpg

“Chris has helped me through the hardest times in my life. Relationships, life, parenting and cancer. I couldn’t imagine turning to anyone else for guidance, words of encouragement, truths that needed to be heard, love & support no matter what”

Lotus H. entrepreneur, mom and grandmother

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“If you’re stuck and you’re tired of being stuck, call her and let her share her confidence and experience and spunk with you—it’s infectious and before you know it you’ll be moving ahead. Thank you Chris, I’m very thankful for your help!”

Lynn d. V. interior design entrepreneur


“Chris is a no nonsense, get to the pain points and get you moving to the next level coach. She will guide you, encourage you, and help you see the potential you have and the path to achieve your greatness. She is your biggest cheerleader, fan and the coach you want!”

Shannon E. writing coach & mother


“Chris' no nonsense approach and authentic desire to help master life's challenges have grounded me and gotten me back on track to live a life of abundance and gratitude. I love her sharp, witty sense of humor and always feel empowered and inspired."

Mel C. entrepreneur & mother of five