One on One Coaching/Mentoring with me is virtually via telephone or skype, I have clients from all over the world. I work with clients in three month increments so we don’t get started and quit but we get things done! I am a results oriented coach and desire to help you get where you want to be as quickly as is comfortable for you. I am NOT a therapist who will only listen and unlike many coaches I will offer feedback and guidance. I specialize on helping you with your mindset, your self worth and manifesting all that you desire because you can and you are deserving. Working together 1:1 is the quickest and most intensive way to achieve your dreams.

Self Guided Programs for those who prefer to do it themselves but need a road map. I offer a variety of guidance programs to work at your own pace without having to do all the research to find the directions. I’ve built those for you with my experience, training and research. They work if you do the work. My new program "Connect Your Days" is a step by step guide to find your vision and turn it into the life you live. It's especially awesome for women who are easily distracted and need a way to stay focused and on track. Finding your desired end goal and what you need to do to get there step by step.

Workshops are for people who want to get a group together and have me in person, for a day or a few, in your location or mine. We will work together, hands on having fun designing futures while defining visions, road maps and action steps. Workshops are fun ways to link arms to support one another. Workshops on manifesting, attracting and faith in the process. It is sooooo much fun. From one of my participants " many amazing things have come my way and I have been so much more open to them... And I think it all started when I decided to take a leap of faith by stepping into your beautiful home and having you help guide me to all the greatness that is around me and within me. You gave me a vision of greatness 😍"


Chris IS available for speaking engagements to inspire and empower women to FIND THEIR VOICE, STEP INTO THEIR COURAGE AND STRENGTH, LOSE THE FEAR AND START LIVING A "BADASS" LIFE!