One on One private Intensive coaching For DOERS who are ready for change!

One on One Private Intensive Coaching WILL get you results! We will work together to determine your dreams, desires and challenges. I will work with you on letting go, forgiveness and releasing any mindset blocks "your story" that has kept you from having it all. Whatever your "all' is and then you will learn how to create a vision that makes your heart sing so you know that your every intentional action is in alignment with your happiness and joy. Not what others think you should be doing. Not keeping up with the "other moms". Not pleasing others. Learning how to live your best life for you so you can decide how to give your best to others in a way that feels safe and rewarding to you. It's all about you. Authentically you.

"Dear Self-Sabotage” Online Self-Guided Course (coming Soon)

This Self Guided Program is for those who prefer to do it themselves but need a road map. The program is delivered in seven modules weekly via email. You do the work and then we come together for a group question and answer session three days later via Facebook live. Can't make the live? No problem, it's recorded. I’ve built this course for you from my experience, training and research. The course is released once per quarter. In addition to the modules and the weekly facebook lives, you will also have a group of other badass women who are upleveling their lives to support you and applaud you. You will be in your tribe.

workshops: vision Board Creation with Friends

Workshops are for women who want to get a group together and have me in person, for a day or a few, in your location or mine. We will work together, hands on having fun designing futures while defining visions, road maps & action steps. I also do workshops to empower and inspire kids and teach real life skills for ages 8-17. I have a very unique and specific process in creating vision boards and supporting manifestos.  From one of my participants " many amazing things have come my way and I have been so much more open to them. And I think it all started when I decided to take a leap of faith by stepping into your beautiful home and having you help guide me to all the greatness that is around me and within me. You gave me a vision of greatness"