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Writer for Hire

Stories need to be told. That’s what I do.


It all started when…

my sixth grade assignment was to write an autobiography, it was six pages. It is one of the things from childhood I wish had not been lost. I spent a lifetime writing as needed for life and business with a bucket list dream of being published by the Huffington Post. Dreams do come true. I have been published on the front page of the HuffPost, in the Seattle Times, the San Diego Union Tribune and many magazines both print and online. I published a book, contributed to several and been Editor in Chief of a magazine.

I have covered news stories from politics to murder. I have shared biographical stories from foster moms to people (yes, plural) who have survived suicide attempts by jumping from a bridge. My writing has celebrated businesses opening and mourned some closing. I have highlighted diversity and inclusion and condemned the opposite.

I have helped clients get their books written for publishing and helped other clients who are pursuing advanced degrees with assignments and essays as a homework helper. I have written under my name and under a pen name. I have written poetry and written on politics. I have penned content for websites and advertising.

I am a writer. I am for hire.

What are your needs?

Samples of my work: